Global Reach is becoming Corpay Cross Border, part of FLEETCOR, to broaden our client offering. Please contact our team or visit to find out more.


Supporting the performance of your investments

Our team of specialists work with institutions of all sizes and tailor our products to suit clients across many funds and asset classes, including private equity, real estate, private debt, and infrastructure. Our expertise combined with our in-depth analysis allows us to develop precision strategies for share-class, portfolio management, and performance fee currency exposures while remaining aligned with your internal risk appetite and growth projections. 

Our ultimate goal is to support you and the performance of your investments, by reducing FX costs, mitigating FX uncertainty of investment transactions, and reducing FX volatility in returns relating to balance sheet items. Our Dealers will also work with you to optimise net income cash flows generated from management activity and protect foreign-denominated investor returns.

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