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US Election: Playing games

The Trump campaign flouted the rules of social media misinformation by sending Facebook adverts to tens of thousands of voters in swing states, telling them it was election day. The advertisements were later taken down for violating Facebook's policies, but not before being read by 200,000 people. Trump has held not one, but three rallies in the key state of Pennsylvania this week, telling supporters that ‘We win Pennsylvania, we win the whole thing’. Trump’s chances of victory are closer than the national polls would have you believe, polling errors or a late swing in the main battleground states could see the President pull off an unlikely win.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have added Georgia, Iowa and Texas to their campaign schedule; states that were seen as unwinnable for the Democrats at the beginning of the Presidential race. This underscores the bullish belief that Biden’s team have that the former VP is heading towards a comprehensive victory next week. In the markets, Sterling/Dollar one-week volatility rose to its highest level since September 14th, in a sign that traders are anticipating heightened volatility the day after the US election.

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