Global Reach Canada is uniquely positioned for rapid growth in Ontario

Earlier this year, Global Reach Group—a leading UK foreign exchange specialist with a near 20-year history— expanded into Canada with a fully-fledged team of nearly 60 incredible industry veterans. Our team is established across the country to serve businesses locally.

Since launching Global Reach Canada in May, we're innately proud of the unprecedented growth we've experienced, especially during an economy impacted by the Covid pandemic. We're grateful to our early adopters and thrilled to meet those yet to come, and are especially enthusiastic about expanding our client base in Ontario given an exciting recent development.

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has provided Global Reach Canada with a regulatory framework allowing us to provide foreign exchange hedging services to Ontario businesses. Global Reach is the first Canadian FX provider to meet the OSC’s Over the Counter (OTC) Derivatives Dealer business conduct and risk management conditions. The measures we have put in place to meet these conditions provide important safeguards to Global Reach Canada clients that, to date, have not existed for clients of unregistered OTC FX derivatives dealers.

Our team in Ontario are some of the most knowledgable professionals you can find in the Canadian FX space, with nearly 80 years of combined experience. The team offers a proactive approach to managing your currency exposure, providing customized solutions that help you mitigate the risks currency markets can create. From SMEs to FTSE 100 companies, we build strong relationships and design proactive strategies to support your business’ foreign exchange goals. Our experienced team will evaluate the extent of your exposure, develop multi-currency hedging solutions that are aligned to your budget levels, or simply help streamline global supplier payments. 

Meet Andrew

Andrew has over twelve years of experience working in financial markets, with emphasis on foreign exchange. During his tenure, he has worked with hundreds of companies helping manage their cash flows, create detailed hedging strategies, manage risk, and build complex payment solutions. Andrew truly enjoys partnering with his clients and getting to know the intricate workings of their business. Given his educational background, he has learned to speak the language of CFOs and accountants across varied industries. Andrew holds advanced degrees in Accounting and IT, as well as the Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing certificate from the Canadian Securities Institute. 

Meet Geeta

Geeta has six years of FX experience and over 15 years of experience in sales. She has worked for some of Canada’s largest corporations, including Telus and Allstream, and is experienced in serving clients of varied industries, including the public sector, restaurants, banking, accounting, and professional services. Originally educated in Broadcast Journalism, and after a brief stint on TV, Geeta has repurposed her strong communication skills to build a successful career helping clients meet their organizational budgets and goals. Ten years in the IT space has specifically built Geeta a solid foundation for facilitating business transformation and helping her clients build a roadmap to their goals.

Meet Nathan

Nathan has over 20 years of experience in foreign exchange markets and has developed a wide network of clients—small, medium, and large corporations—as well as many individual clients. Over the past two decades, he has helped various companies manage their FX risk and exposure with different hedging strategies and credit facilities. He places emphasis on regular communication with his clients, including frequent updates on market fundamentals and technical analysis. To him, it's of the utmost importance to fully understand a company’s FX needs in order to provide the best solutions and guidance. Nathan holds degrees in Business Administration and Information Technology.

Meet Samuel

Samuel has over 23 years experience in the financial industry, with five years in equity and over 18 years in FX markets. He has managed both corporate and individual clients. Samuel has a unique industry perspective due to his experience in banknotes and precious metals and managing MSB clients. He is exceptionally passionate about achieving results for his clients and always places their best interests at the forefront of his approach.

Meet Stuart

With 16 years of FX experience already under his belt, Stuart has worked with quite a range of customers, from small entrepreneurial ventures, to publicly traded international companies. He is recognized for his knack at building meaningful, long-term partnerships with his clients. As he helps to protect their businesses with risk management strategies, his expertise is always at work to facilitate their growth and expansion into new markets. Stuart has a Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) from the University of Lancaster and holds his Derivatives and Fundamentals Options Licensing certification from the Canadian Securities Institute.

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