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Brexit and the British Pound – volatile week ahead

Brexit has seen some quick developments and also months of very little progress. The Pound’s been incredibly volatile since the referendum in 2016, and this week could see quick and sharp movements as MPs vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal once again. Read on to find out more about what’s happening in Brexit and what that could mean for your exchange rate. 

Why do politics create market movements?

Politics can be hugely influential for markets because of the uncertainty they create. For instance, a general election might see a nation’s currency fall, because of uncertainties over what impact a new government might have. 

Why has Brexit caused so much volatility?

The Pound dropped by 20% after the Brexit referendum because not only was the outcome a surprise, it also saw the UK on a road to an unknown economic future. Lots of economists had expected the UK to suffer a recession shortly after the vote, but UK growth remained relatively resilient in the aftermath, even if the Sterling exchange rate didn’t.

What's next for Brexit?

Theresa May delayed the meaningful vote, but made three commitments. The meaningful vote will now take place on the 12thMarch. If no deal is in place by then, the 13th March will see MPs vote on whether the UK should leave the EU without a deal. If a no-deal Brexit is rejected, the 14th March will see MPs vote on whether Article 50 should be extended. 

Will the Pound be more volatile? 

In recent weeks, Sterling has hit near two-year highs against the Euro, seven-month highs against the US Dollar, 10-month highs against the Canadian Dollar, and 32-month highs against the Australian Dollar, all on Brexit optimism. However, in the past week, the British currency has been volatile as uncertainty ramps up ahead of next week’s votes. 

Whatever happens with UK politics, it’s expected Sterling will be volatile in coming months. If a deal is secured and markets anticipate a soft transition, the Pound could be able to climb against other currency majors. Meanwhile, if a no-deal Brexit appears a possibility, Sterling could drop rapidly. The Pound may not have recovered to pre-Brexit referendum levels, but if it appears the situation is under control and the economy begins to rebound, there’s potential for the British Pound to climb. 

How can you maximise your currency transfer?

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