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Five tips for UK expats moving to Canada

Relocating to Canada is exciting, but considering some practical factors in anticipation of your move can help you settle in quickly, so that you can focus on enjoying your new surroundings. Read on for five useful tips to have in mind as you look forward to your move to Canada from the UK. 

Get ready for varied weather in Canada  

The climate in Canada can vary significantly depending on the area you’ll be in and the time of year. An important thing to note is the extremity of the winters, which are often much harsher than you’ll be used to in the drizzly UK. Make sure that you have everything you need to stay warm and comfortable after your move, especially if you’ll be arriving at lower temperatures. 

Arrange Canadian medical insurance 

Canadian Medicare is free for permanent residents, but it only covers medically necessary care and it’s up to each region to decide what’s essential. Prescription medication, dental care, eye care, physiotherapy, and psychology are some areas that aren’t typically covered, so arranging private health insurance is worthwhile if you’re likely to need these services regularly. 

Use a currency specialist for overseas money transfers 

When you’re exchanging your Pounds for Canadian Dollars, consider using a currency specialist to benefit from transfers that are tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you need regular transfers for expenses or pensions, or want to lock in a rate of exchange for up to two years for an overseas property purchase, speaking to an expert like Global Reach can help. 

Make time for yourself 

It’s often said that Canada is a friendly nation, but Canadians have great respect for privacy and personal space too. Take this approach early and make time for yourself and your family to make every stage of your relocation more enjoyable and memorable. 

Don’t forget to enjoy it! 

Some of the world’s most stunning natural scenery can be found in Canada, alongside unique cities with a range of cultural, historical, and architectural character. The country is vast and diverse, so make sure you get out and enjoy everything your new home has to offer! Try planning urban weekend adventures in Toronto, skiing in Whistler, and hiking at the stunning Lake Louise in Alberta.


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