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Wimbledon prize money: What could it buy?

With the 2022 Wimbledon Championships on the horizon, we’re looking at the winners’ prize money and what it could buy.

Last year, matches at Wimbledon were dampened by ongoing Covid measures in the UK, but in 2022 the tournament is back in all its perfectly-manicured-grass glory. So, what prize money could the top tennis players be taking home with them?


How much do the winners of Wimbledon get?

The 2022 prize fund hasn’t been officially announced yet, but in 2021 the total prize pot for the icon British tennis tournament topped £35 million. Novak Djokovic fought off Matteo Berrettini to become champion in the men’s game last year. Meanwhile, Australia’s Ash Barty claimed the women’s singles title for 2021, beating Karoline Pliskova in the final. As winners, Djokovic and Barty won £1,700,000 each!

How far can £1,700,00 go?

Let’s put the prize money into context. A triple pack of tennis balls from the event’s official sporting goods partner comes in at £9.00. So, you could buy each of the 14,979 Centre Court attendees 36 tennis balls with the tournament’s top prize and still have change. Wimbledon is synonymous with British summertime, from the players’ iconic crisp tennis whites to the fresh English strawberries and cream available for guests to buy on the grounds. This iconic treat has remained £2.50 per portion since 2010, meaning a hefty prize fund of £1,700,000 could buy 680,000 servings!

How much do players take home?

Djokovic is based in Monte Carlo, Monaco, which uses the Euro. Using the GBP/EUR interbank exchange rate on 1.17 on the championship finals weekend (10-11th July 2021) as a guide, he would have come away with around €1,989,000. Whereas the GBP/AUD interbank exchange rate of 1.85 on the same weekend would have seen Australia’s Barty make a sum of approximately AU$3,145,000.*

However, after paying taxes, travel, coaching, and their wider team, it’s estimated that players may only take home 30-40% of the prize money. We can’t all be famous tennis players, but related costs like these are something we all encounter from time to time. Whether you’re buying a second home abroad and have things like property tax and legal fees to pay, or you’re repatriating funds to the UK that may be subject to tax, it’s important you get the most out of your money. A currency specialist like Global Reach can help you make smarter foreign currency transfers.

How can a currency specialist help?

From helping you target your ideal exchange rate to arranging cost-effective regular international transfers to send money abroad, our dedicated team can help you navigate the foreign exchange market. We’ve won Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service Award for two consecutive years—after winning gold for three consecutive years—and pride ourselves on providing personalised service to help you get more from your currency transfers.

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*Interbank rates are the levels at which banks trade large volumes between themselves. These are not achievable foreign currency exchange rates for customers.