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Five interesting things about Australia

If you’re looking to head Down Under, you might have started your research on all things Aussie. Just in case you want to learn more, we’re sharing five interesting facts about life in the Trans-Tasman.

Australia’s bigger than you think

When you think of the world’s largest countries, you probably think of Russia, China, and the USA, but did you know Australia’s not far behind? It’s actually the sixth largest country in the world and has a massive 7,692,024km2 surface area. It’s also the world’s biggest island. But despite its size, the population is a lot less dense, with around 24,718,403 citizens, in comparison to the USA’s approximate 326,381,522, and China’s staggering 1,414,124,106.

Different burgers on the barbie

If you’re in Australia, you may find kangaroo meat in the shops and supermarkets. It’s seen as a healthier red-meat alternative to beef and lamb, and you’ll even see it on the menu in restaurants.

10,000 beaches  

Australia’s known for its beautiful beaches for a reason; there are over 10,000 soft white sand havens across the island. The sand is beautifully soft, the water’s warm, and the views are nothing short of spectacular.

Snow still falls

If you’re living in Australia and enjoy your winter sports, there’s still a chance to hit the slopes. Between June and September, you can visit the Australian Alps, which even get more snow than the Swiss Alps.

New money

You might like the new banknotes we’ve seen introduced in Britain, but did you know Australia was the first country to use a polymer substrate instead of paper? Since 1998 all of Australia’s notes have been made from a polymer which has helped to limit counterfeiting, improve durability, and make them eco-friendlier.

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