Five interesting things about Spain

If you’re dreaming of life in Spain, we’re sharing five fascinating facts about España that you might be interested to know.

Spain has the most World Heritage Sites after Italy and China

Spain has a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (46), just behind China (52), and Italy (53). Many criteria need to be met for a place to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, both for natural and human-made places. The list of rules includes factors like representing a masterpiece of creative genius, to be an outstanding example of a type of building, and to contain superlative natural phenomena.

Spanish timekeeping is different

The typical working day in Spain begins at 10 am, and there’s usually a two-hour gap at around 2-4pm where you can have lunch or a siesta. Workers continue with their day until about 8 pm, eat dinner around 10 pm, and stay awake much later. Timekeeping is also different; if you book a doctor’s appointment, you might find that several people are scheduled in at the same time because often people don’t show up or run behind.

You can attend tomato throwing festivals

There are a number of vibrant and colourful festivals throughout the year which you won’t find anywhere else. La Tomatina is a festival in Buñol where a 70-year old tradition sees thousands of people throw tomatoes at each other – roughly 150,000 get thrown. La Tomatina is part of a bigger celebration which is full of parades and parties. If you want to attend, tickets are limited to 20,000, and they sell incredibly quickly so you’ll need to be fast to get a place.

Home owning is important

It’s thought around 80% of Spanish people own their own homes as it’s culturally an important aspect of Spanish life. 50% of those people are predicted to own their home outright without any leftover mortgages. If you’re looking to buy, you can expect around 15% of the property’s value to go on transaction fees.

There’s a golden visa programme

If you’re looking to move to Spain after Brexit, there’s the possibility you could benefit from Spain’s golden visa programme. If you invest €500,000 in real estate, you can gain family residency. This visa can be renewed every two years, and after five, there’s the opportunity to earn permanent residency, and the potential for citizenship after 10 years.

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