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Five reasons to love working Down Under

If you’re thinking of working in Australia or New Zealand, why not join us for February’s Down Under Centre jobs and visas seminar, where you can ask industry experts questions about all the different aspects of your move. We’ll be joined by healthcare, immigration, removals, and other experts to make your move Down Under can get your tickets here.

Here are five of the benefits that might tempt you to look into life Down Under. 

Better salaries

Australia has a number of well-paid jobs, and even the minimum wage is higher at AU$18.29 per hour, which equates to several Pounds more than in the UK. Some of Australia’s best-paid jobs are in medicine, management, finance, law, engineering, and mining. 

Pure air

With much fewer people in New Zealand and lots of land, there’s less pollution and fewer health problems. Expats love New Zealand for its slower pace, fantastic wilderness, and beautiful scenery. With the great weather, expats often find themselves spending more time out of doors too. 

Less cooking 

Groceries can be expensive in Australia, so much so, that lots of people choose to eat out more than buy and cook in. So if you enjoy dining out, you’ll be able to try lots of different restaurants for a reasonable cost, and not just make a reservation for the occasional treat. 

Better transport

The Australian public transport system is known to be significantly more reliable than the UK. Not only this, but the transport in most big cities is well maintained. Monthly travel passes can also be a lot more cost-effective. 

Work-life balance 

New Zealand has been a figurehead in recent years for promoting a healthy work-life balance. In HSBC’s 2018 Expat Explorer Survey, New Zealand topped the experience rankings yet again with more than four in five recommending it as a place to move to, with the positive work-life balance as one of the reasons. There’re also notable health improvements and friendly people helping to ease the transition into life abroad.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you move your money overseas and get guidance from a host of industry experts, join us at the Down Under Centre seminar. It's packed with all the things you need to know about visas and working Down Under, and you can get your event tickets, here. If you'd like to discuss a foreign currency requirement beforehand, call us on +44 (0)20 7989 0000.