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Six things to consider before moving abroad

If you’re contemplating moving abroad, there’s plenty of things to think about; from visas to healthcare, the cost of living to finding work abroad. We’re naming our top six things to consider when moving overseas to help you plan your next steps.


One of the most important parts of a move is gaining the visa, and it’s worth bearing in mind that it can be a long and sometimes expensive process. Every country has a different visa process, so while it might be easier in some countries, others may have a lot of restrictions standing between you and your visa. Both Australia and New Zealand are known for their strict emigration policies. If you have family there, they can sponsor your move, but you can also apply for a skilled work visa. However, it’s worth noting that both Australia and New Zealand have a cut-off age of 50 and 55 respectively, so you’ll need to apply for a work visa before you reach these milestones.

Some countries recruit expats based on their skills. Check with the government website to see what skills are in demand in that country but bear in mind that you may need an offer of employment before you’re granted a visa. If you’re planning to move to Europe, at present, you don’t need a visa. However, with Brexit still unfolding, there may be more details surrounding the situation as developments continue.

Buying property

Wherever you’re moving and whatever kind of property you’d like to buy, it’s important to know what credentials your estate agent needs to have. Consider hiring a separate legal advisor who can ensure you’re covering yourself properly and aren’t taking on any unnecessary debt with a property that might be left over from a previous owner.

If you’re moving a large lump-sum of money overseas to pay for a property purchase, speak to one of our Dealers to make the most of your money. We can even lock-in an exchange rate for up to two years with a Forward Contract*.

Working abroad

Many countries require you to have a job before they issue you with a visa. You can look for companies in the UK who place Brits in jobs overseas, visit online job sites, or travel to your new destination and network with local companies and attend interviews. There are a lot of migration companies that focus on specific sectors, putting them in a great position to help and provide information.


If you’re going to live abroad, you’ll need to research the health care system, so you know you’re covered. If there’s no public system in your new destination, get quotes and take out a private policy to make sure you have health care should you need it. If you’re moving to the European Union, you can look at a European Health Insurance Card which will give you low-priced emergency treatment. Some countries will require you to have a healthcare plan to gain a visa too.

Cost of living

You can check a country’s exchange rate and work out the cost of living. Compare it to what you might pay at home, and you’ll have an idea of how much expendable income you’ll have each month. You might be surprised at how prices differ too; while eating out in some countries can be very expensive, in others, it’s almost cheaper to eat out than cook yourself.

Moving your money

Whether it’s for a house purchase, regular mortgage costs, or salary or pension transfers, we can help you make smarter currency decisions. A couple of digits may not seem like a huge difference in an exchange rate, but it can have a significant impact on the amount you receive, especially on large or regular payments. Contact one of our Dealers today and discuss how we can help you with your foreign exchange transfer.

*Locking in a rate with a Forward Contract is subject to an initial margin payment, speak to our team to find out more.