European complaints policy

Global Reach Group is committed to providing top rated products and services and we encourage feedback from anyone that has come into contact with our business so that we can continue to improve and progress at this level.

We understand that everything might not always go as smoothly as we hope, but to make sure we can correct this as soon as possible we have provided the following guidance on how to forward a complaint and what steps to follow by Global Reach Group you can expect in order to reach a resolution.  

Communicating a complaint

If you are a client of Global Reach FX or Global Reach Markets, you can contact your designated Account Manager directly, either by phone or by email. Alternatively, please email [email protected].  

When should you expect a response?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 17h00. You should expect a response to your initial enquiry within three business days.


Complaint Resolution

Regardless of the complexity of the complaint, we aim to complete the following 4 steps during the resolution process: Record, Acknowledge, Investigate and Resolve.


STEP 1 – Record

Global Reach Group keeps a record of all complaints, including details of their resolution during a complaint investigation.


STEP 2 – Acknowledge

Global Reach Group will acknowledge your complaint at the earliest opportunity no later than three business days after your complaint. Throughout the complaint process, you will be informed of our progress.


STEP 3 – Investigate

In all cases, complaints will be investigated fairly, consistently and promptly. At all times during the investigation, you will be kept informed of the measures being taken to resolve the complaint.


STEP 4 - Resolve

We aim to resolve all complaints to your satisfaction by close of business on the third business day following receipt of the complaint. When a complaint can be resolved to your satisfaction you will be sent a summary resolution communication by email and be asked to confirm your acceptance.


When a complaint cannot be resolved within three working days of receipt, you will receive a prompt written acknowledgment informing you that the complaint is still under investigation and explaining the Global Reach measures and the timescales of the complaints handling process.

For any complaints received in relation to Global Reach FX BV we have 15 business days after receipt of the complaint to investigate and send you a full response.

For any complaints received in relation to Global Reach Markets we have 8 weeks after the receipt of the complaint to investigate and send you a full response.   

If are unable to meet our deadlines or if you are unhappy with our response you can contact the Dutch Institute for Financial Complaints (KiFID) to whom you could escalate your complaint.


Escalating a Complaint

If you remain dissatisfied with our response to your complaint query, you may be eligible to approach the Dutch Institute for Financial Complaints (KiFID). The KiFID is a free, government established service that helps to settle disputes between consumers and Netherlands-based financial services firms. A complaint must go through Global Reach Group’s internal complaints procedure before the KiFID will hear your complaint.

The contact details of KiFID are:

Email:  [email protected] 

Tel.      +31 (0)70 333 8 999



Complaint Records

Due to our regulatory obligations, we must keep a record of each complaint received and the measures taken for its resolution and retain that record for a minimum of three years from the date the complaint was received.

Our policies are also available in PDF format, please email [email protected] to request the one you’d like.