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Whether you need to lock-in an exchange rate for an overseas property purchase, or protect your business from adverse market movements, we have a range of different products available to our personal and corporate clients. You can discuss your currency requirements in-depth with our Dealing team to see which products might be most suitable for you. 

Our Products

  • If you want to move your money straight away, a Spot Contract is for you. Make a transfer when you’re ready, or when the market has moved in your favour. 

  • With a Forward Contract, you can plan ahead and lock-in an exchange rate for up to two years. A Forward Contract could be a smart choice if you’re buying property overseas, need to know exactly how much your currency will cost, or want to protect your money from an adverse market shift. 

  • Trading over £10,000? A Stop-Loss Order allows you to choose your worst-case rate, and we’ll make the trade automatically should it reach that level in a negative market shift, to save you from further losses. A Limit Order allows you to target a better exchange rate you’d like to transfer at, and if a positive market fluctuation occurs to reach it, your trade will be made automatically to capitalise on the movement.

  • We also offer Option products, which can play an important role in foreign exchange hedging, used to complement Spot transactions and Forward Contracts as part of a blended hedging strategy. Our Option products are available through Global Reach Markets and carry a higher level of risk that might not be suitable for all businesses. 

  • Our Fixed-Term-Funds (FTFs) portal, powered by TreasurySpring, offers clients the opportunity to minimise risk and maximise returns on their excess cash holdings. The portal provides access to a unique menu of low-risk cash management options across three core verticals—sovereigns, corporations, and secured bank exposures. FTFs are offered in GBP, USD, EUR, and ZAR, as well as other currencies, upon request.