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Geopolitical risk eases; Sterling still suffering

16 Aug 2018

The Dollar continued its upward climb yesterday, reaching a 13-month high, against a backdrop of ongoing geopolitical risk and concerns about the knock-on effect of a slowing Chinese economy.

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Brexit and Dollar strength weigh on Sterling; Turkey concerns linger

15 Aug 2018

Some calm returned to markets on Tuesday as the Lira stabilised following the central bank’s liquidity provisions. This allowed the major currencies to be influenced by economic fundamentals rather than the Turkish crisis.

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Sterling still suffering; Turkey remains in the limelight

14 Aug 2018

With no economic data out of the major economies on Monday, the ongoing rout in emerging markets continued to unsettle global markets, with the Lira hitting a new record low.

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Turkish crisis contagion spreads; Pound still under pressure

13 Aug 2018

Friday saw a wave of risk aversion consume global markets, particularly given concerns about the risk of contagion emanating from the Turkish crisis for Europe’s biggest banks.

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Dollar strength wins out as ECB strikes a cautious note, Euro panics over Turkey

10 Aug 2018

By all accounts it was the ECB’s economic bulletin which set the tone in currency markets during Thursday’s session.

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