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An introduction to intelligent technologies

Our proprietary technology is at the core of the multi-faceted services we provide our clients. Our extensive suite of solutions enables us to support a broad variety of industries, from those requiring mass payment capabilities, to those with the need to manage FX exposures intraday.

Driven by client-led insight, our online platforms and API solutions are designed with the user in mind, making each interaction as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

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award-winning-04.svgGlobal Reach Online

Our online platform is designed to give clients fast, reliable access to the trading functionality they need.

With 24-hour live access to all major and a wide range of exotic currency exchange rates and the ability to make multiple international payments, the platform displays trade information and gives clients a clear and transparent view of their transaction history and access to numerous reports that can be easily exported. The platform is built using secure encryption technology and offers multi-user functionality, so information is accessible via client-defined permission levels.

WINNER 2018 Best Forex Payment Technology Solution

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Global Reach Intelligence

We understand the challenges facing treasury functions with an international footprint, a key element of which is mitigating foreign currency risk. In order to further support our clients’ ever-evolving needs, we have developed proprietary technology that provides you with the oversight of your specific hedging portfolio, in real-time, via an intuitive online interface.

Our Intelligence platform enables our clients to manage their FX hedging in one place. It provides a comprehensive overview of your current positions, as well as an aggregated MTM view across multiple counterparties, allowing you to stress and scenario test the potential impact of future periods of volatility.

If you're interested to find out how our Intelligence platform could help optimise your hedging effectiveness, we would be happy to provide you with a demonstration.

Global Reach Connect

Our API (Application Programming Interface) technology is a suite of routines, protocols and tools that allow our clients to adopt our online platform functionality within their own front end, removing the need to direct their users to an unfamiliar interface. By integrating with our API, our clients can seamlessly pay overseas suppliers, make regular transactions or view their account details, without the need to access multiple systems.

Once implemented, all platform functionality is available via our APIs, enabling our clients to:

  • Request rates
  • Place trades
  • Make multiple payments
  • Deliver real time balances
  • Request trade history and account information

Global Reach Multipay

When it comes to complex global payments, we have the expertise and infrastructure to provide flexible solutions to suit organisations of every size. We can facilitate mass payments via Multipay:

  • Through our market-leading online platform, Global Reach Online
  • Via connection to our payment API
  • By single file upload to our SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)
  • We also offer nettings solutions, for currencies bought and sold

Each process facilitates simultaneous payments to overseas suppliers and vendors in their preferred currencies.

Global Reach Network

We offer our partners access to our self-service portal, Global Reach Network.

This proprietary tool provides partners with oversight of a number of metrics, including real-time revenue accrual and historic commission information.

The portal also houses our Marketing Toolkit, a content hub full of regularly updated digital assets and material to support partners with their own marketing activities.

Global Reach MicroHedge

Our MicroHedge solution allows individual exposures to be hedged immediately, on an automated basis. Hedging each transaction gives clients control over their foreign exchange margins and ensures that profits are not unnecessarily eroded by unfavourable market volatility. This automated solution enables companies to price dynamically.

Making personal transfers online

If you want to make a personal payment, our online platform gives you the flexibility to manage your currency transfers in your own way. Whether you’re looking for a live exchange rate, need to make a transfer, or add a new recipient to your account, you can simply log in and do it from wherever you are.

Benefits of making transfers online:

  • Quick, safe and secure process
  • Transfer from £250
  • Live exchange rates available
  • Buy currency now and transfer at a later date
  • Make transfers with all major and a wide range of exotic currencies
  • Add and manage your recipients
  • View all your transfer history

To get started online, all you need to do is follow our simple registration process.

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